Treasure Park, Redruth, Cornwall…yes its a holiday review its coming up to that time of year again!

We always come in winter and ALWAYS visit the paint a pot the staff are lovely and friendly and the children have years worth of Christmas things that they have painted. sadly not much is open in the winter but this little gem is the diamond in this tiaras head piece.
I suspect its fantastic in the summer but you can’t visit Redruth and not come here that would be a crime, I do have to add this though..

I’d advise you take out a second mortgage if you want to eat here!! The Gold Centre itself has changed to Cornwall Gold and is what it says it is…the restaurant has morphed into a pretentious little teenager it seems to offer much but delivers little, demands your respect but gives none and in return wants you to pay for their company too…I am afraid this restaurant offers little with regards to children’s meals, vegetarian meals or VFM. £47 for lunch for 5 sounds ok but not when you know 2 of these were bowls of chips and 2 were baguettes and one was a sandwich..drinks were one coke, one lemonade, one water and a cream tea for two with two scones, a flapajck and a victoria sponge. Food was ok not bad at all the price was extortionate and the staff were stuffy and not welcoming at all.

More to come…would love other views on this!

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